Innovation comes from changing trends but long-lasting products and businesses come from capitalizing on what doesn’t change

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It’s usually the changing business trends and consumer behaviors that provide the avenue for new and innovative solutions to easily find a market share. But when developing a product, it is important to capitalize on trends and consumer behaviors that won’t change, if what you want is to build a business that’ll last.

In ordinary times, though consumer behaviors change, consumers have been shown to stick to their habits, causing a relatively slower adoption of beneficial innovations that require behavior changes. Cue the COVID-19 crisis and consumers everywhere were forced to change their behaviors —rapidly, and in large numbers. …

How not to go after customers, by using Reverse Marketing to make them come after you

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The NFL Superbowl used to be about the game alone, but in 1984 following Apple’s legendary 1984 ad (introducing the Macintosh) at the big game, the trend changed and Superbowl became, in addition to the game, about the commercials.

Now, about 79% of Superbowl viewers look up to the commercials, as they see it as entertainment, and are spending 641 thousand hours on YouTube watching Superbowl ads beyond their original air dates.

As if that’s not enough, the big game is now like a gladiator ground for big companies to show their marketing superiorities, causing a continuous increase in the…

After a hospitality lull, we can expect to see a boom once countries start to reopen. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to corner this market.

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One of the qualities of an exceptional entrepreneur is the ability to spot opportunities in places where others see none, or have a headstart and spot them earlier than usual. Sometimes this will require going deeper into the obvious, or looking where others aren’t focused on.

While what is popular is the market for products developed to help us adjust to new work trends, if you step back and follow the blueocean strategy of capitalizing on untapped markets, where there is little or no competition, you'd figure that we don't just need ways to work better, but also ways to…

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Failed startups serve as cautionary tales for new entrepreneurs, and since many fail, there are many cautionary tales for anybody to learn from.

But while a lot has been written about why startups fail, few have dealt with the specifics, like how mismanagement of funds results in failure, and how you can do better.

In one of the rarest studies about startup failure, failed startups were analyzed postmortem and it was shown that the second most cited reason for their failure came under the tag name running out of cash.

Taken a step further, of the startups analyzed 76% received…

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The greatest show of our inability to properly analyze situations to make better decisions come in the guise of that old phrase analysis paralysis. Every day, without the input of expert risk managers and advisers, we are faced with both minor and major decisions that have the possibility of either making us, bringing us loss, breaking us, leaving us better, the same, or perhaps leaving us worse.

At the heart of it, we don’t always know what to consider; we don’t know what should form the backdrop of our analysis; and worst of all, in the face of uncertainty —…

Simple text newsletters are old news. Here’s why video newsletters are the future.

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The two often overlooked elements that are likely going to shape marketing trends the most are; the push to minimize human contact as a result of the pandemic, and the issue of user privacy.

On Reduced Human Contact:

Due to an increasing call for minimized human contact, the physical marketing functions typically carried out by salespersons will now need to be performed using other non-physical means, primarily through the different web-based marketing strategies that there is, like social media, and especially email.

Moving forward, the internet marketing space is expected to get more competitive than ever as more tasks are performed online, and here…

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Work trend has shifted so significantly that more than ever we need to seriously consider, in addition to the many upsides that come with remote work, the possible downsides, so both business owners and employees can better make decisions that won’t hurt progress.

It has been shown that remote work is growing at a pace unlike we’ve seen before, as 97% of employees are serious about not wanting to return to the office, with 74% of professionals expecting remote work to become the standard, and 67% of employees' preference being to work fully remote. …

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A simple thought experiment to picture how technologically advanced we’ll be in the near or distant future will reveal how tempting it is to conceive a world with technology so advanced it replaces human efforts, by doing everything humans can do today without human input.

Self-drive cars and airplanes driving and flying across the globe, robots working as clerks and personal assistants, as clinicians in specialist hospitals, with some creating computer programs or carrying out short and long studies like researchers do today.

It seems we’re moving from a civilization where people, because of the superior capabilities that separate them…

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Taking timed breaks has over time become the standard response to perceived internet addiction, and we usually find it easy and convenient to share with the world how we could unplug, and all the amazing things we discovered in the process. Despite it, we seldom see the need to share how we faired thereafter because the outcome is usually not what we envisaged.

About breaks, here are three points you need to consider:

Point #1: I learned from experience to never take a break from the internet without adequate plans on how to properly reengage after break time is over.

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In his book On Writing — A Memoir Of The Craft, Steven King made serious claims as to why proficiency in writing comes as a result of just two things: a lifestyle of reading, and continuous practice of writing.

There’s a sublime assimilation of the skill of writing that takes place when you read. You assimilate, in addition to the logic of the written work, the elements of style, rules, and nuances that bring about proficiency in writing.

The more you read the more this process takes place so that when you write you will have a vast mind library…

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