Dear Entrepreneur: Pain Is Not The S.I. Unit Of Effort

The goal is to achieve more efficiency, not to throw yourself into more pain.

Onyedikachukwu Czar
7 min readMay 21, 2024
Image Credit: Mohamed Rida on iStock

The life of an entrepreneur often feels like a curse.

It is a life where pain is worn as a badge of honour, and the amount of pain he endures is deemed to be directly proportional to his progress and success.

When she is told that she isn’t trying her best, what is actually meant is that she isn’t throwing herself into enough pain.

The meter for measuring a hard-working entrepreneur is calibrated with many negative “you musts.” You must:

  • Have many sleepless nights
  • Be working long hours
  • Be finding it difficult to take care of your mental and physical health
  • Have many strained relationships

It has become a creed entrepreneurs want to live by. Rather than look sleek, they want to appear haggard. Rather than cheerful, they’d rather appear serious-faced. Haggard and serious-faced mean he’s putting in the effort, cheerfulness and sleek mean he’s not walking the talk.

But the reality is that these metrics are off. Rather than a show of effort, what they do is cause entrepreneurs to mishmash pain from…



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