U.S House vs TikTok: The Dangers Of Building On One Platform

How to scale the huddle of building a presence on different platform, and actually do it.

Onyedikachukwu Czar
6 min readMar 30, 2024
Credit: Andrej on Unsplash

Building on social media is the real-life equivalence of building on borrowed land.

You can be kicked out at any time.

Your platform of choice can go out of business for one reason or another, and that’s bad for you.

Any alternatives? Yes! Your website, and your email list. With these, you run no risk of getting shown the door.

The only thing worse than building on social media is building on just one platform.

You can take the risk of running your entire business on social media, but you compound your problems when you focus on just one of them.

First Vine, Then TikTok

There was a time when Vine was the only example we cited when we talked about the dangers of building on one platform.

The short-form video app was the most downloaded video-sharing app on the iOS store as far back as 2013.

Vine was closed in 2016 and users had to move to other video-sharing platforms, YouTube, Instagram, and later TikTok; with most starting from scratch.



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